Sales Tracker

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Keep tabs on and analyse each facet of your sales, including the volume of transactions in your pipeline, the length of the sales cycle, and the number of leads that were pursued.

Sales Tracker

Sales Tracking Software Tracks Every Prospect's Sales Process

The pipeline of your transactions, the length of the sales cycle, and the quantity of leads sought are just a few instances of the different components of your sales that you should manage and analyse.

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performance evaluation

Performance Evaluation

Keep a careful eye on your salespeople and check call, email, SMS, and response statistics.

lead surveillance

Lead Surveillance

Gather information on the lead's behaviour, such as the last time they were contacted, the next task or action, and the lead's current status, to obtain accurate lead tracking data.

monitor your goals

Monitor Your Goals

Tracking your targets, daily or weekly goals, and overall sales will allow you to adopt a more balanced approach to your actions and their outcomes.

What is Sales Tracker?

Sales tracker helps you collect, analyse, and use key sales indicators to improve your sales process at each stage of the sales cycle. Sales monitoring evaluates current selling activities and suggests improvements.

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