Backlink outreach are the hyperlinks from one website to a page on another website. Each backlink of a website adds to its domain authority, assisting in better ranking for that website.

Let’s take a better look at what a backlink outreach is and how can you obtain them for your website.

Backlink Outreach - Introduction

Consider this- you’re reading a blog on website A and see a hyperlink (blue-colored text). When you click the hyperlink, it leads you to a page on website B. This means Website B has a backlink outreach from Website A.

There are 6 major traits that influence a backlink outreach:

Domain Authority: The domain authority of the website speaks about how much that website is visited and trusted, along with the number of backlinks outreach it has. If you manage to get a backlink outreach on a website with high domain authority, it will add to your reputation. If it is almost equal to your own domain authority, it won’t make any impact on your website. It is always preferable to aim for a domain authority greater than 30.

Anchor Text: When the hyperlinked text is your target keyword, it adds to the ranking of your website on that keyword. Remember, Google’s Penguin algorithm weeds out black hat link-building activities and for that, it only indexes the content that exactly matches your target keyword.

Relevant Topic: The ranking and authority of your SEO backlink outreach are also influenced by topic or industry. This means that the website and content you aim to get a backlink outreach on should be relevant to your website. For instance, if you want a backlink outreach for your Recruitment agency, try reaching out to websites that talk about employment, recruitment, etc. The guest post you send in should also carry the same concept.


Link Type: There are two types of links, do-follow and no-follow. Google tends to ignore the no-follow links, hence not impacting the domain authority or ranking of your backlink outreach website at all. Always aim to get a do-follow link for your website so that it can improve your website’s reputation.

Unique Links: Getting multiple links from the same website is never going to help. Only one backlink outreach from point A to point B is considered while indexing.

Spam Score: A website that has high spam score and irreverent content may end up harming your domain’s reputation. Always keep an eye on the spam score. Anything above 35 can be tough waters. In case you get an unsolicited backlink outreach from a website with a high spam score, consider reaching out to them via their mentioned means of contact to either change the link to no-follow or remove the backlink outreach entirely. Additionally, if you identify a harmful link, check your website’s Google Analytics for penalties. If you spot one, reach out to Google for disavowment of the link.

Reaching Out for Backlinks

Do you know which websites get unsolicited backlink outreach? The ones that are old and extremely well-known in the industry. Even then, unless you own the Google or Microsoft domain, you do need to put in efforts to grow your backlinks till you surpass a domain authority of 80-90. But how do you do it?

Each backlink of a website adds to its domain authority, assisting in better ranking for that website.

The easiest way to get links is by reaching out to websites that allow guest post submissions, link insertion, or link exchange. Here’s how you do it:

Finding Websites

A quick way to find websites for backlink outreach is to run a Google search. In the search bar, type in your keyword with a ‘+’ sign followed by “Guest Post”, “Submit guest post”, “write for us”. “Submit article”, etc. You can also search for phrases relevant to your niche.

Once you run the search, the SERPs backlink outreach will show you a list of websites that allow guest posting on the topic you’re looking for.


Once you find a list of websites, check its domain authority, spam score, quality of blogs (language, grammar, syntax, etc), its target location, and guest post guidelines. If there are no guidelines available, you can check their blogs to see if they link to websites like yours.


Sometimes, you may find that the website has a charge for adding do-follow backlink outreach, or backlink outreach at all. Consider your budget to determine whether or not you want to spend on obtaining backlinks.


Once you’ve vetted the website and everything seems right, you can proceed to reach out to the webmaster, requesting a backlink outreach. You should be able to find their contact information on the 'contact us' or ‘about us’ page. If not, you should be able to find a contact form on their website.

Write a killer email mentioning what you like about their website and that you’d want to write a guest post for them. You may or may not mention it’s a link-building effort, that's up to you.

However, remember that unless your email is extremely enticing, the webmaster might not even open it for a glance. If that sounds complex, you can use AI-powered tools like OutReachWriter which specializes in drafting on-point emails for backlink outreach.

Within seconds, this app can penetrate the depths of the internet to determine exactly what to mention in the backlink outreach request and write one for you that nobody can turn down.

Getting a Response

With OutReachWriter, you’re sure to get a response in a day or two. Once you do, check the specifications mentioned in the email. Some common responses include:

  • Paid backlinking
  • Paid do-follow link
  • Only a specified number of links are allowed
  • Paid affiliate or promotional links
  • No affiliate or promotional links are allowed
  • Paid link insertion
  • Only link exchange
  • Paid backlinking outreach or link exchange
  • Free backlinks

Go through the guidelines sent in by the webmaster or mentioned on the website to get thorough with the rules.

Respond to the webmaster with the appropriate response. If you’re ready to write a guest post, ask them if they have a topic in mind, suggest your own set of topics that should work with their target audience, backlink outreach, inquire about the deadline, and whatever other doubts or questions you may have.


Once you’re done with your end of the process, you can email them the document, requesting them to review it and reach out in case of any issues. You can also ask them about the tentative date of publishing the article or link.


Remember, if you face a delay in submitting your guest post, be sure to inform the webmaster that you’re still working on it. Understand that the webmaster would most likely edit their content calendar to accommodate your blog and a delay can cause trouble for them. This can help maintain a healthy relation and prevent any issues.


Once the link is live, you can go ahead and add an annotation about it on Google Analytics. This will help you identify the source and volume of traffic visiting your website from that day onwards. If you see an elevation in the traffic, you can go ahead and search for similar websites for your backlink outreach efforts.


Backlink outreach can become a great source for boosting your domain authority and website ranking. It also helps in increasing your brand awareness and improving credibility. Nevertheless, remember that getting backlinks is a consistent effort that you need to work on every day. Prepare a schedule for yourself or assign this task to your SEO backlink outreach team and get your rankings to a record-breaking high.

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